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On February 15th this year, we just finished the Chinese Lantern Festival. This festival also means that all factories in China should have officially entered the new year’s work. The same is true for Hongyu Apparel. Our service team start work one week earlier than factory workers, and the company sent red envelopes to everyone on the first day of work, which is the meaning of New Year’s greetings.

What is even more gratifying is that all the workers still returned to our company after the Spring Festival, which shows that everyone recognizes the company very much. Everyone is very happy working in Hongyu Apparel and has a good salary.

In fact, many of the workers are close friends and have worked together for decades at Hongyu. At lunchtime, workers gather in the sunny dining hall to eat and chat. The factory will regularly organize everyone to travel with their family members and will give every employee a birthday gift. The factory and workers are no longer a simple employment relationship in the past, but a win-win relationship.

Hongyu Apparel has been focusing on ethical clothing manufacturing since its establishment, striving to make the workplace cleaner, safer, and more professional. Reduce the daily working hours of workers, and increase the workers’ monthly vacation in 2022. We hope that everyone who works in our company is like family. We are all working hard for ourselves, and the company will take most of the work profits are used to improve the treatment of workers and provide customers with higher quality products.

Unfortunately, China’s trend towards more ethical factories does not bode well for global trends. More and more Chinese companies are finding cheap labor in other parts of Asia and the rest of the world, perpetuating the standards that once ruled Shenzhen. The collapse of the Rana factory in Bangladesh in 2013, killing 1,129 people, was a grim reminder of how low those standards were.

So what makes a manufacturer ethical? Often, we only need to look at a few factors to determine how ethical a manufacturer is:

1. Salary

According to our own business conditions, we will raise a certain salary for our workers every year
All workers are adults and take longer monthly breaks than other factories in the region

2. Work conditions

We set up our own canteen to provide lunch and dinner for the workers with different chefs, as we noticed that workers in different provinces will have different eating habits
Every festival will give you some gifts, such as Mother’s Day will give some gifts to female employees.
Each employee can receive a birthday present and eat birthday cake with all employees

3. Environment

We have full-time cleaners to ensure the hygiene of factories, canteens, and dormitories
We also select our own suppliers of fabric accessories and only cooperate with factories that produce environmentally friendly

The list of ethical choices a manufacturer can make can be long, and no manufacturer is 100% ethical. Nonetheless, this should not diminish the fact that many are working towards this goal as much as possible.

And ethical manufacturing will inevitably increase the cost of products, so many customers choose factories that are cheaper and do not pay attention to ethical manufacturing, which makes our situation even more difficult, but we will not stop working hard, the Chinese government is also encouraging ethical manufacturing.

We want to let more clothing brands know about the concept of ethical manufacturing and sustainable development, so they will understand our services and prices better.

In Hongyu Apparel, sustainable development is a way of operation, not just a concept! We strongly believe that integrating social and environmental issues with the business will bring long-term benefits to the company. We are proud to be known as one of the most trusted manufacturers of ethical and sustainable apparel. We source and produce a wide range of eco-friendly fabrics, trims, packaging to your specifications and help you achieve your mission of building a sustainable apparel brand.

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