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Kid’s clothing is one of the busiest fashion segments. As it has the widest variety of dress and attire choices to cater across different stages including infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age, adolescence, for both girls and boys. As a leading Children’s clothes and apparel manufacturer, we produce a wide variety of kid’s wear serving different clothing styles, formats, and trends. We have been creating kid’s fashion for decades and have extensive experience in serving bulk orders for private labels, uniform traders, kid’s clothing wholesalers, and online lifestyle stores. Besides, as a progressive Kids clothing manufacturer, we have been actively serving kid’s designer wear fashion for boutiques and exclusive fashion houses. At Cheer Sagar Exports, we are able to produce quality fashion for kids at highly competitive rates. As we follow a well-established standardized process that is optimally producing clothing supplies for children for years. Our high-end manufacturing facility is all equipped with specialized machinery and a well-laid process to deliver quality output with fast turn-around-time. With a production capacity of over 250000 pieces per month catering to the kid’s range, we are able to serve small and medium size businesses with first-string support as a dedicated manufacturing partner. With this, we make sure that we are not just serving a certain trade bracket and keep our MOQs as low as 25 pieces per order (serving all sizes and mix colors). Also, no matter how big and complicated the requirement gets, we take 2 weeks at max for sampling and 6 to 8 weeks for delivering the lot. We have a team of trained professionals working with us. Our team includes experts from all areas of industry with great exposure in kid’s clothing. We have best-in-class production specialists, service managers, designers, line operators, tailoring professionals, branding & packaging consultants, and skilled support staff. It’s the consolidated team effort of our kid’s wear professionals that allow us to deliver the latest kid’s clothing with a great level of precision and quality.

Business highlights and salient features

  • Fast turn-around-time of 2 weeks of sampling and 6-8 weeks of delivery
  • High-end production processes and service facility
  • Custom design and print solution as per client requirement
  • Accept orders in small quantity with minimum 25 pcs per style (in mix sizes)
  • Expertise in kid’s clothing across 500+ varieties and styles for all age groups
  • Seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in kid’s clothing
  • Latest designs and patterns that refer to the most recent kid’s fashion trends
  • Advanced production equipment and tools referring to global standards

Latest kid’s styles and clothing varieties in production

  • Fashionable kid’s party dresses
  • Designer wear for kids
  • Kid’s winter fashion
  • Occasional wear for kids
  • Children’s tops, jeans, and skirts for girls
  • Children’s T-shirts, denim, sportswear for boys
  • Attractive traditional wear for kids
  • Latest casual fashion for teens
  • Uniforms for girls and boys

These are just a few recent picks from our production line, serving different kid’s clothing businesses and reselling units. We have been engaged in designing and producing kid’s apparel and dresses for both boys and girls across all leading and popular clothing segments. With our immersive experience in the domain, we are able to create and deliver kid’s fashion at highly competitive rates meeting high-quality standards – serving different ideas, formats, and sizes of ventures. With us expect nothing less than a perfect end-to-end children’s clothing production alliance and support!

Custom Kids Wear & Childrens-Apparel Manufacturers Make Your Brand Stand Out

We Are a ONE-STOP Shop: This means that all processes are finished under one roof. You only have to concentrate on design and marketing, while we take care of the rest.

Our collection of fabric and patterns is truly unique, with a wide range of styles to suit all tastes. From timeless classics to the latest trends, we have something for everyone.

Our fabric collection makes it easy to find the perfect size for your body type. Our pieces are tailored to fit and flatter every silhouette, so you don't have to worry about settling for a standard size that may not be comfortable or flattering.

Wide variety of styles available: We have hundreds of fabrics and patterns to choose from, ranging from both classic and modern styles.

How We Make It


Project Planning

We start with the first step: gathering any sample references and your tech pack or photographs. Your project manager will then assist you in verifying your materials and fitting details.

Sourcing Materials

We work with local suppliers to acquire high-quality materials and assure that we stay below your specified price points. Lead times may be significantly shortened by choosing in-stock products.

Pattern Making

Work with our expert pattern makers to achieve the features and fit of each style. Patterns are essentially the blueprint for all clothing items.

Sample Making

Our skilled sample makers hand cut and sew your garments with detail and precision. By creating samples of your clothing, we're able to test the fit and functionality before mass production.


You'll have a fitting on the samples so we can know what alterations are needed for your next batch of samples. Thanks to the rich industry experience of our service team, we are confident to finish all revisions within only 1-2 rounds, while other traditional manufacturers may need 5+ rounds to achieve that.


With your sample approved, we can begin pre-production. Placing your purchase order will initiate your first production run.

Fabric Option

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Why Choose Enrong

Looking for a reliable clothing manufacturing partner? Check out Enrong! Our team of experts focus on sample development, production, custom label printing and delivery – making sure your fashion needs are met every step of the way. We offer a variety of products to choose from. No matter what type of clothing design you want, our experienced team can make it happen. Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect fashion look!

At Enrong, we make it possible to turn your designs into displays. Our team of experienced professionals ensures the highest level of quality and workmanship. We strive to provide beautiful products that meet our customers’ expectations. With our expertise, you can ensure any project is completed with the utmost care and attention.

We have multiple garment manufacturers and can take on any quantity order, no matter the size. Our very short turnaround time means it will grow your business faster!

We ship worldwide via DHL, FedEx, UPS and more, so you don’t have to worry about anything at hand – just relax and our team will take care of everything.

Each piece is checked for stitching, measurements, and fabric accuracy, so you know that what we deliver is of the highest quality. With our professional Enrong service team, your fashion design will be brought to life and ready for delivery. Let us make sure that you get the perfect product you envisioned!

Start your own clothing line with 300 pieces per design to save money and pamper customers by giving them more options.

Buyer’s Guide

Kids Wear Manufacturer: The Definitive Guide for Start-up Brands

The premise of starting a clothing brand is that you need to decide who will start customizing and designing your products. This decision can be overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure what to look for in a manufacturer. Kids wear manufacturers usually specialize in creating skin-friendly garments for kids. They have a team of designers and pattern-makers who create garments that are both stylish and comfortable for kids to wear. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about children’s clothing lines, from the different types available in the market today to how to find the right manufacturer for your brand.

Table of Contents

1. A Brief Introduction to Kids Wear

Kids wear is a type of clothing designed specifically for children. The style of kids’ wear can vary greatly, depending on the age and gender of the child. For example, infants and toddlers may wear softer, more brightly-colored clothes, while older kids may prefer more vibrant or patterned clothing.

When it comes to fashion, kids’ wear is one of the most dynamic and innovative categories. Each season, designers create new collections that are inspired by the latest trends in adult fashion. However, kids’ wear also has its own unique aesthetic, and the best designs manage to capture the youthful energy and spirit of childhood.

2. Different Types of Kids Wear

Kids wear come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. But there are five general categories that most kids’ clothes fall into. These include the following: casual wear, formal wear, party wear, sleepwear, and activewear.

School Uniforms

School uniforms are common in many countries. Students will usually wear a shirt, blouse, jumper, cardigan, dress, skirt, trousers, or shorts that identify them with a particular school.

In some cases, students may be required to wear particular items of clothing, such as a school blazer or tie. In others, they may have more freedom to choose what to wear as long as it meets the school’s dress code.

Casual Wear

Casual wear is the style of clothing that you would typically wear on a day-to-day basis. It is comfortable and designed for activities such as walking, going to the park, or running errands. Jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are all common examples of casual wear.

Formal Wear

Formal wear is typically worn for special occasions such as weddings, christenings, or other religious ceremonies. It includes items such as dresses, suits, and dress shoes.


Sleepwear is clothing that is worn to bed. It is typically loose-fitting and made from comfortable fabrics such as cotton. Pajamas are the most common example of sleepwear for kids.


Activewear is clothing that is designed for physical activity. It is typically made from breathable fabrics that help keep the body cool and dry. It includes items such as athletic shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers.

3. Fabric Options for Kids Wear

When it comes to kids’ clothes, comfort is key. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. There are a variety of fabrics that are both comfortable and stylish and can be used for a variety of different garments. Here are five of the best fabric options for kids’ wear:


Cotton is a soft, natural fabric that is perfect for everyday wear. It is breathable, which helps to keep kids cool in warm weather, and it is also absorbent, making it ideal for active kids.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. It is a good choice for kids with sensitive skin or those who are allergic to certain chemicals.


Linen is a light and airy fabric that is perfect for summer. It is cool to the touch and helps to wick away perspiration. Linen is also surprisingly durable, making it a good choice for kids who are hard on their clothes.


Bamboo is a soft, sustainable fabric that is perfect for kids’ clothes. It is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for kids with sensitive skin.


Hemp is a strong and durable fabric that is perfect for kids who are hard on their clothes. It is also eco-friendly, as it requires less water and energy to produce than other fabrics.

4. Kids Wear Fabric Selection Guidelines

No matter what type of clothing you’re looking for, there are a few basic guidelines that will help you choose the right fabric. Here are five things to keep in mind when selecting fabrics for children’s clothing:


When it comes to kids, durability is key. Look for fabrics that are resistant to wear and tear, so they’ll stand up to rough play and multiple washing.


Children’s clothing should be comfortable to wear, so choose fabrics that are soft and breathable. Avoid scratchy materials that might irritate delicate skin.

Some fabrics, like wool, can be irritating to sensitive skin. If you want to avoid any potential problems, stick to hypoallergenic fabrics such as cotton or bamboo.


Some fabrics can pose a choking hazard for small children, so be sure to avoid any loose threads or embellishments that could come detached. Also, steer clear of materials that might trigger allergies or sensitivities.


Different fabrics are better suited for different climates. For example, light and airy fabrics like linen are perfect for warm weather, while heavier materials like wool are better for cooler temperatures.

Easy to Clean

Kids are notoriously messy, so choose fabrics that are easy to clean. Some fabrics can be machine washed and dried, so parents won’t have to worry about hand-washing or special care instructions.

5. Kids Wear Pattern Selection Guidelines

Kids’ wear patterns are available in a wide range of styles, from classic and timeless prints to trendy and modern designs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting patterns for kids’ clothing:


When choosing patterns for kids’ clothing, it’s important to select age-appropriate designs. For example, avoid overly childish patterns for older kids, and steer clear of too-mature prints for younger children.


Some patterns are more appropriate for certain seasons than others. For example, light and airy florals are perfect for spring and summer, while darker and richer prints are better for fall and winter.


Not all kids’ clothing needs to be gender-specific. There are plenty of patterns that can be worn by both boys and girls. Look for gender-neutral designs such as stripes, polka dots, or animal prints.

Coordinating Colors

When choosing patterns for kids’ clothing, it’s important to select colors that coordinate well. Avoid clashing colors or busy prints that might be too overwhelming. Stick to a few simple colors that complement each other.


Some patterns are more appropriate for certain occasions than others. For example, casual prints like stripes or polka dots are perfect for everyday wear, while more formal designs might be better for special occasions.


6. Clothing Safety for Children

Most children tend to have sensitive skin, so it’s important to be careful when selecting fabrics and materials for their clothing. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to kids’ clothing safety:


Some kids have allergies or sensitivities to certain materials, so it’s important to avoid any fabrics that might trigger a reaction. Common triggers include wool, latex, and certain dyes.

Choking Hazards

Small children are at risk of choking on loose threads, buttons, or other embellishments. Be sure to avoid any materials that might pose a hazard for kids under the age of 3.

Environmental Hazards

Some materials like polyester can release harmful chemicals into the environment. If you’re concerned about kids’ clothing safety, look for fabrics that are made from natural fibers such as organic cotton or bamboo.

Size and Fit

It’s important to choose kids’ clothing that fits properly. Ill-fitting clothes can be uncomfortable and might pose a safety hazard if they’re too loose or too tight.

7. 5 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Brand With Kids Wear

Starting your own kids’ wear clothing line is easier than ever. Here are five simple steps to get started:

Step#1 Identify Your Target Market

This is essential when it comes to creating a brand because you need to know who you’re targeting in your clothing line. Are you aiming for parents who are looking for affordable, stylish clothes for their children? Or are you targeting fashion-conscious kids who want the latest trends?

Step#2 Create a Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your children’s clothing line different from all the other brands out there? Do you offer more affordable prices? Or do you focus on eco-friendly or sustainable materials? Figure out what sets your brand apart and use that to your advantage when marketing your clothing line.

Step#3 Develop a Catchy Name and Logo

The name of your brand should be easy to remember and catchy enough to attract attention. Your logo should be simple but recognizable, as it will be used on all of your marketing materials.

Step#4 Create an Online Presence

In today’s digital age, it is essential to have an online presence for your brand. Make sure to create a website and social media accounts for your children’s clothing line so that you can reach out to potential customers online.

Step#5 Market Your Children’s Clothing Line Effectively

Once you’ve created a strong brand identity, it’s time to start marketing your clothing line to reach your target audience. There are various ways to market a clothing line, such as through online advertising, social media marketing, or even by hosting trunk shows or pop-up shops.

Choose the marketing methods that work best for reaching your target market and get started promoting your brand!

This video might also help you in Starting A Kid’s Clothing Brand, check this out.

8. The Average Cost of Starting Your Own Kids Wear Brand

If you’re thinking about starting your own kids’ wear brand, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. The average cost of starting kids’ wear brand can range from a few thousand dollars to over a million. The most important factor in determining the cost of starting your brand is the type of clothing you want to produce.

To give you a rough estimate, here’s a list of the costs you can expect when starting a kids’ wear brand:

Average Cost of Starting Your Own Kids Wear Brand
Manufacturing Costs$50,000 – $100,000 per collection
Marketing and Promotion$5,000 – $10,000
Rentals, Utilities and Office Supplies$5,000 – $50,000 per month
Business Permits, Taxes and Licenses$1,000 – $2,000

Of course, these are just rough estimates and the actual costs will vary depending on several factors. For example, if you’re planning on manufacturing high-end designer clothes, you can expect to pay significantly more than if you’re producing basic everyday wear.

If you’re serious about starting your own kids’ wear brand, it’s important to do your research and create a realistic budget before getting started.

9. How to Work With Kids Wear Clothing Manufacturer

Let’s say you want to establish a kids clothing line and you’re looking for a children’s apparel manufacturer. How do you work with one? Here are six easy steps you can follow:

Step#1 Do Your Research

The internet is a great resource for finding children’s clothing manufacturers. Look for online directories or search engines that specialize in connecting buyers with suppliers. You can also attend trade shows or contact industry associations to get leads on potential children’s clothing suppliers.

One manufacturer you may want to consider is Enrong Apparel. We are a clothing manufacturing company that offers a wide range of services, from design and development to production and packaging. We also have a team of experienced professionals who can help you every step of the way, from creating your designs to getting your clothes made.

Step#2 Evaluate Their Experience

Once you’ve compiled a list of children’s clothes manufacturers, research each one to see how long they’ve been in business and what kind of experience they have. You want to work with a children’s clothing factory that has a proven track record of success.

Step#3 Review Their Product Offerings

Another important consideration is what kind of products the children’s clothing manufacturer offers. Does their product line fit with your brand and target market? Do they offer the styles and sizes you need?

Step#4 Check Their References

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of children’s clothing manufacturing companies, reach out to their references to get first-hand information about working with them. Ask about things like quality, customer service, timeliness, and value.

Step#5 Place Your Order

After you’ve selected a children’s clothing manufacturer, it’s time to place your order. Be sure to communicate your expectations clearly and work with the manufacturer to ensure that your clothes are made to your specifications.

Step#6 Discuss Reviews and Feedback

After you’ve received your shipment, it’s important to give the kids clothes manufacturer feedback about the products. If there are any problems, be sure to discuss them with the manufacturer so that they can be addressed for future orders.

10. What to Look for When Choosing a Kids Wear Manufacturer

When it comes to kids’ wear, it’s important to choose a manufacturer that you can trust. There are a few things to look for when choosing a children’s wear manufacturer, including:

Manufacturing Process

Make sure you understand the manufacturer’s process for designing and producing clothing. You want to be sure that they have a reliable system in place that can meet your deadlines.

Product Quality

It’s also important to make sure that the children’s wear wholesale supplier you choose produces high-quality products. Ask for samples of their work and check reviews from other customers. Your products are will be worn by kids so you need to be sure that they’re made well and will stand up to kids’ wear and tear.

Materials Used

Since most children tend to have sensitive skin, it’s important to make sure that the children’s classic clothing company you choose uses high-quality, hypoallergenic materials. Ask about the materials they use and be sure to check that they’re safe for kids.

Production Capacity

Be sure to check the children’s apparel manufacturer’s production capacity to make sure they can handle your order. Ask about their lead times and minimum order quantities to be sure that they can meet your needs.

Quality Control

Finally, be sure to ask about the kids wear manufacturer’s quality control procedures. You want to be sure that they have a system in place to catch any defects before the products are shipped to you and more so before the products reached your customers.

11. Conclusion

Starting a children’s clothing line can be a great way to tap into a growing market. But, it’s important to choose the right children’s clothing factory to partner with. Be sure to do your research very well before settling on any manufacturer.

If you are looking for a supplier of high-quality kids wear, please do not hesitate to contact us at Enrong Apparel. We specialize in designing and manufacturing children’s clothing for all ages, and we would be more than happy to discuss your specific needs with you.

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